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Dean was born in Edinburgh in 1969, with full sight. At the age of 9, whilst living in the North East of England, Dean’s sight unexpectedly dropped. At that point he was registered as "partially sighted". In 1996, whilst living in Devon, Dean’s sight got even worse, and he was now "registered blind".

2 years later Dean did a charity tandem skydive which changed his life. The adrenaline rush was so intense, that he had to get it again. He is now a confirmed "adrenaline junkie".

Since this tandem skydive in 1998, Dean has notched up over 80 activities around the world, ranging from adventure racing to zorbing, and sea kayaking to the Human Catapult. During these challenges he has set almost 20 world firsts in sports including open-water swimming and stand up paddle-boarding.

In the early days it wasn’t very easy for Dean to get his adrenaline fix. 9 times out of 10, as soon as he told activity providers that he was registered blind, they would tell him that for various reasons they could not allow him to attend. Not being one to be told "no", Dean persevered, and eventually found other activity providers who said "yes". To say thank you to them, and let everyone else know who these great companies are, Dean created and launched extremedreams.co.uk

Within a couple of years of launching Extreme Dreams, Dean was asked to talk at an outdoor event. Dean said "no", as he didn’t like the thought of standing up in front of an audience who he could not see, and therefore could not read their reactions.

Over the years, Dean has done many radio interviews and several TV appearances. It was only when a friend pointed out that Dean wouldn’t have been able to see those audiences, that he was finally convinced to give public speaking a go.

He did his first in 2012, at the Scottish Outdoor Pursuits Show in Edinburgh, and hasn’t said "no" since!

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